South Keswick Recreation


South Keswick Recreation

The South Keswick Community was planned, built and is maintained to provide a natural setting in which our residents can enjoy the best of Virginia’s beautiful Piedmont countryside. Each season presents a different look to our pastoral and forested environs, from the first wildflowers of spring and lush foliage of summer, to autumn’s explosion color and the tranquility of the winter woods. We are blessed to share our community with an abundant diversity of fauna and flora, including many species of wildlife that liven and beautify the landscape.

One of the reasons we choose to live in such a setting is to enjoy the array of outdoor recreational opportunities South Keswick offers. We have 3.2 miles of paved, private roads, all with wide, well-manicured shoulders; they are perfect for walking, jogging, running, cycling, cross-country skiing, or horseback riding. A network of approximately five miles of unpaved, multiple-use trails crisscross our community and can take you through the woods to the special hidden places you will discover. Our unpaved trails are for foot travel and horseback riding; the use of motorized vehicles on unpaved community trails is restricted to maintenance activities and medical emergencies. And, access to the trails is exclusively for South Keswick residents and their guests. We take our tranquility—and our safety--seriously at South Keswick.

One of the hidden jewels of our community is the South Keswick Lake, where you can paddle a kayak, canoe, or enjoy other non-motorized watercraft. You can fish, picnic at the tables provided, birdwatch, or just sit and think.

In short, South Keswick we like being close to nature. We encourage our neighbors to join us in the beautiful outdoors. We take care of our community and our environment. We take care of each other.  Here is our current guidelines for trail use and etiquette.

Our regulations do not allow hunting on any South Keswick property. Due to the number of children, pets, hikers, and horse riders throughout our subdivision, we take hunting violations very seriously and will prosecute any trespassers. 

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