South Keswick Architectural Review Board (ACB)

The ACB consists of individuals who are appointed by the South Keswick Owners Association (SKOA) Board Members each fall. The ACB reviews, approves, or rejects ACB applications submitted by South Keswick property owners. The ACB regulates the development and external design, appearance, landscaping, grading, and use of the properties, structures and other improvements, in such a manner so as to preserve and enhance values, to maintain a harmonious relationship among structures and the natural vegetation and topography, and to conserve existing natural amenities and ecologically sensitive areas. [DRCC Section 7.02] 

The Current ACB Members Are: 

  • Wendy Heifetz
  • Tiina Page
  • Roger Anderson
To contact an ACB Member

  • Send an email to
  • Find personal phone numbers or email addresses in the SKOA Directory and call or email.
  • Send a written letter to:
    PO Box 646
    Keswick, VA 22947

When to complete an ACB Application? 

A list of projects includes but is not limited to: new construction, basements, attached/detached garages, decks, steps, porches, patios, awnings, walkways, outdoor barbeque pits, exterior color changes, fencing, large landscaping projects including tree removal, ponds, grading, retaining walls, above and in-ground swimming pools, hot tubs/spas, sport courts, solar panels, and outbuildings such as gazebos, storage sheds, barns/stables, run-in sheds, greenhouses, playhouses, dog houses/runs. No wind turbines are presently allowed.

Contingent approval may be granted, but the applicant must complete all contingencies before proceeding. In some cases, resubmission may be requested.

If in doubt, check with an ACB member to determine if you need an application. 

The SOUTH KESWICK ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL BOARD APPLICATION FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION, ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS is all inclusive of the information that is needed by the ACB. When appropriate include blueprints, survey layouts, diagrams, aerial printouts from google maps and anything else that will help the ACB members to understand and approve your request.

Note: Many exterior projects require permits from the county, so check with Fluvanna County Offices before you start.

The South Keswick ACB Inspection Form is used for ACB inspections.

ACB Member Roles and Responsibilities                                                      

  1. Roles (function of the position)
    1. [From DRCC Section 7.02 Purpose] The ACB shall regulate the development and external design, appearance, landscaping, grading, use and location of the lots and the structures, and other improvements thereon, in such a manner so as to preserve, and enhance values, to maintain a harmonious relationship, among structures and the natural vegetation and topography, and to conserve existing natural amenities, and conserve ecologically sensitive areas.
    2. The ACB will ensure that the Requirements in Articles VII and VIII of the SKOA DRCC are met.
  2. Responsibilities (specific tasks and duties)
    1. The Lead ACB will be the ACB member with the most ACB experience as agreed to by the other ACB members.
    2. When receiving a completed ACB application from property owners
      1. Sign the form on the “Received Date line” and date.
        Note: [From Section 7.04 of the DRCC] The process of approval/disapproval begins with the “received” signature and date. Application must be Modified, Disapproved, or Approved, within 60 Days of Receipt or Approval will be deemed granted.
        Note: An ACB application by an ACB member will recuse that member from being a signatory.
      2. Contact other ACB members and set up time/date/place to review the new ACB application. At least two (2) ACB members need to be present to review and approve an ACB application.
      3. Notify the ACB Communications volunteer to send out an email to SK Distribution. Allow a minimum of 48 hours before the meeting time.
    3. Review ACB application submitted to the ACB for compliance with the DRCC Articles VII and VIII.
      1. If Approved sign the form and date. (2 ACB members at a minimum need to sign.)
      2. If not approved, complete the Additional Information Requested section and return to applicant.
      3. When Approved, make a copy of the signed application and file in the appropriate ACB folder (Lead ACB members house).
      4. Notify the applicant of the status of the application and give the original back to them.
    4. Perform ACB “Walk-Arounds” (Inspections) on “For Sale” properties to ensure all exterior improvements to the property are documented in ACB requests. (For inclusion in Disclosure Packets).
      1. On the Inspection Form (from the SKOA ACB Website), enter the lot number and street address of the property under inspection and print out the form for a hard copy to take with you on the Walk-Around (inspection).
      2. Complete and sign the Walk-Around (Inspection) form after performing the inspection.
      3. Make 2 copies of the completed Inspection Form and 1- 8x11 copy of ALL ACB applications in the folder of the property being inspected for the Disclosure Packet.
      4. Give a copy of the Inspection Form and the ACB application copies you made, to the Secretary who is creating the sale Disclosure Packet.
      5. File a copy of the completed Inspection Form in the appropriate ACB folder (Lead ACB members house).
    5. Update the ACB Log Book with ACB activities each time an activity is performed.
    6. Provide status to Board meetings of ACB activities.
      1. Make a copy of the entries in the log book held by the Lead ACB Member for Board Meetings.
    7. Provide input to update the ACB form, the ACB Roles and Responsibilities and the ACB write-up on the SKOA website when needed.

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